Hello! I'm Kari! {Waves}
I'm a preservationist for memories!
I have a major obsession with animals. 
I have two huskies named Liam and Madden! But they will answer to any of the following nicknames: Liambear, Maddenbear, Handsome, Boo Bears, Bubs, Precious Baby Angels, Fluffiest Men in all the land!
I have the most supportive and lovely man by my side.  
If you put on "Africa" by Toto, I will sing along at the top of my lungs! (Lung...Fun fact: I have one working lung).
Let's be friends! =)

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Raise your hand if you are afraid of being in front of the camera! Roll call of who hates how they look in photos. Do you get nervous about a camera being around you?
Let's fix that! Let's have fun. Let's hangout! Friends taking photos of friends. After our time together, you will be a pro at having your photo taken. And believe it or not, you'll also have a great time! 

I want to document your events, your products, your love story. Your interactions with each other, and your family and friends! Let's show the world how beautiful your relationships are, and let's have entirely too much fun doing that! Let's document YOU. 
Do you need new headshots? Portraits? Event Coverage? Boudoir Shots? Product work? Updated family photos since the most recent ones are 10 years old? Count us IN!

behind the lens

a closer look

Trust us to document every laugh, every gesture, every embarrassing and hilarious moment, every happy tear, hug and heart to heart. We want to give you a gallery full of memories from your day, so that you can relive them over and over again. Our goal is to give you the feels every time you look at your gallery and we want you to be ecstatic about sharing it with everyone you know! We want your product, event, and yourself, to stand OUT in a sea of photos. We will have just as much fun as you and we hope that this shows in our work. We look forward to meeting you all and becoming life long friends! See you soon! =)

we want to give you a dream photo gallery

our philosophy

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